IDIOM: ‘As bad as all that’

¡La película The Shaun of the dead presenta esta expresión idiomática!

Would you say this if there were a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE?

¿Dirías esto si hubiera un apocalipsis zombie?

idiom as bad as

‘As bad as all that’ = as bad as it seems (literalmente: tan malo como parece)

This idiom is usually expressed in the negative / Esta expresión idiomática se usa normalmente en negativa.

Ex.: Don’t cry anymore! It’s not as bad as all that. (=no llores más. No es para tanto / no es tan grave)

FILM: The Shaun of the Dead – The Z word

If you love ZOMBIES, you must watch this film! The Shaun of the Dead is a British horror comedy film which was released  in 2004.

Have a look at this video and learn some interesting vocabulary! Enjoy it!


SHAUN: Yeah, I can see it, it’s just outside.

ED: Any zombies out there?

SHAUN: Don’t say that.

ED: What?

SHAUN: That.

ED: What?

SHAUN: That. The Z word. Don’t say it.

ED: Why not?

SHAUN: Because it’s ridiculous.

ED:All right. Are there any out there, though?

SHAUN:Can’t see any. Maybe it’s not as bad as all that. Oh! No, there they are.

SHAUN:OK, let’s do this, yeah?

BOTH: Yeah?     Yeah!

SHAUN: I got to do a wee first.

Learn this!

1. THOUGH (aunque, sin embargo). Si quieres saber más sobre su uso en oraciones subordinadas concesivas (Clauses of contrast) y practicar con ejercicios con respuesta, visita

Ejemplos sobre algunos de sus usos:

  • This book is difficult to read. It’s interesting, though.
  • Este libro es difícil de leer. Sin embargo, es interesante.
  • I don’t agree with her, though she may be right.
  • No estoy de acuerdo con ella, aunque puede que tenga razón.

2. IDIOM: ‘AS BAD AS ALL THAT’  (usually in the negative/normalmente en negativa) Meaning: as bad as it seems (tan malo como parece).


  • Maybe it’s not as bad as all that.
  • Quizá no sea para tanto; quizá no sea tan grave / tan terrible.

3. WEE (informal)


  • pipí
  • to (have a) wee = hacer pipí (familiar)
    I need a wee = tengo que hacer pipí (familiar)


  • Pequeñito, minúsculo
  • I was a wee girl when I watched that film = era pequeñita cuando vi esa película.
  • A wee bit : un poquito
  • We were a wee bit worried = estábamos un poquito preocupados.


Learn something new every day! 🙂